We have enabled planting of
trees as on 31st March,2019.

Welcome to Project GreenHands

Project Vision :

To inspire people to plant trees, develop a culture of care towards the environment and make them realize their inevitable dependence on nature.

Project Mission :

The project mission is to increase the green cover of Tamil Nadu by 10% in order to reverse desertification, reduce soil erosion, restore self-sufficiency, recreate sustainability and counteract climate change.

Project GreenHands (PGH) inclusive social strategy involves people from every sector of society working together towards their shared environmental security and wellbeing. Through education and mass people participation, PGH has broken social divides and successfully involved businesses, NGOs, students, self-help groups, government agencies, farmers and villagers in this grassroots movement. PGH’s social mobilization strategy is designed to rekindle hope, proactivity and environmental responsibility, and bring about self-sufficiency that is in harmony with the ecosystem.

From planting 25,000 trees in tsunami-affected coastal areas in 2005, the project has grown with each passing year. Since its inception in 2004, Project GreenHands has enabled planting of more than 30 million saplings with the support of over 2 million people from Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

We invite you to join hands with Project GreenHands to plant trees, to get involved and to contribute for a greener tomorrow.

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