Support Planting a Tree

Just about everything that we do – Driving, using computers, cooling cars and offices-increases the atmospheric levels of carbon-dioxide, which constantly affects our environment…for the worse.

A single tree removes one metric tonne of carbon-dioxide from the air during its lifetime. Sponsor a tree and we will let you know where it is growing

Funding Required - Rs. 100 / $2 per sapling

Become our corporate partner

In 2015, our aim is to enable the planting of 400,000 agroforestry saplings in farmlands. We are looking to partner with corporates who are committed to address social and environmental concerns.

If you become our corporate sponsor, we will provide you with

  • database of the farmers who have registered and obtained the agro-forestry saplings along with the details of the farmlands where the tree saplings are planted
  • project photographs (Digital copies) and a certificate of plantation indicating the total number of trees planted in Tamil Nadu by your company.
  • A report, 6 months after the saplings are planted, will provide follow-up status on the saplings given by the NGOs, and will be shared with the corporate partner.

You can show PGH as your official tree planting partner in company websites and other communication.

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